29 Jul: ConfirmD Mobile App Provides Actionable Health Data for Swift Aviation, Making Travel Safer

PHOENIX, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Health tech start-up BuddyCheque has partnered with Swift Aviation to provide real-time employee health data to inform safer decisions at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. BuddyCheque’s app, ConfirmD, provides decision-makers with up-to-date employee COVID-19 test results helping to ensure safety for associates and customers alike. Swift’s Chief Operations, Kevin Burdette, said of ConfirmD, “We’re happy to have the ConfirmD app as a way to keep our employees and our clients safer as we maintain our critical operations during this unprecedented time.”


24 Jul: ConfirmD Mobile App Elevates Health Security at EAM Using Verified and Portable COVID-19 Test Results

Executive Aircraft Maintenance (EAM) has partnered with health tech startup BuddyCheque to increase health security at its PHX Sky Harbor facility by leveraging verified employee health data. EAM’s Director of Operation, Jim Barker, said of the startup’s new health information app, ConfirmD, “A solution like ConfirmD is an essential tool in keeping America flying. Executive Aircraft Maintenance is excited to work with BuddyCheque to help us to keep our team members and, in turn, our customers safer.”