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ConfirmD™ is a powerful Mobile Health App with unique features to help communities face all crises, including COVID-19.

In a rapidly changing landscape, ConfirmD™ empowers individuals to own their health data and get back to their lives.

Access to health information is an increasingly complex and challenging problem, one that we’re set on fixing. Individuals struggle to verify and safely communicate their health information. ConfirmD™ exists to return healthcare autonomy to the hands of the people, providing a secure platform with opt-in features for quickly and easily sharing verified medical information and vaccination records, including COVID-19 immunization status.

Thinking one step ahead to provide a reliable, secure, and private mobile health app.

ConfirmD™ brings high-fidelity Patient Identification and Medical Results Verification to the COVID-19 problem. Validated, verified, and secure immunization and results reporting are as important as access to medical care itself.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions
Got Questions? We Have Answers

ConfirmD™ is a voluntary, opt-in mobile app that empowers you to record, verify, and display and share your COVID-19 vaccination status and test results.

ConfirmD works by matching your COVID-19 vaccine status or test results with your verified ID. After registering and verifying your identity, you may upload past vaccine history and test results or go to any local site offering testing for the COVID-19 virus or COVID-19 antibodies, or to a COVID-19 vaccination site. For COVID-19 testing, once your results are available you will upload them into the ConfirmD app using your phone’s camera and a doctor or medical professional will verify the test. For COVID-19 vaccinations, you may have the doctor or medical professional verify the vaccine record at the time of vaccination. Once your vaccination and/or test results are verified, you will receive a QR code with your results embedded. You can use this code to refer back to your results, demonstrate health status for employers, restaurants, travel, gyms, and more. You own your medical information. ConfirmD™ makes it easier to take your COVID-19 vaccine status and test results with you and show to others in a verifiable and secure way.

If you already have test results or a vaccination record, take your results to a medical provider and ask them to verify the record in the ConfirmD app for medical providers.

Depending on the type of COVID-19 virus or antibody testing you receive, your test results may be available immediately or you may have to wait a day or more for results. Once you have received your test results or vaccine record, it’s as simple as taking a picture to capture them in the ConfirmD™ app and await for verification by a medical provider.

ConfirmD™ is not designed to be a contact tracing App.  If we ever decided to integrate with contact tracing technologies, it would be on an opt-in basis only.  You would not be required to share your data with contact tracing applications.

No. Positive test results are the most important results to capture with your ConfirmD™ app. If you have positive test results in the past and you have been asymptomatic for 10 days or more, you may have some degree of immunity.

A negative PCR test means that you did not have detectable COVID-19 viral RNA in your Nose or throat at the time you were tested.  This doesn’t mean you didn’t have it in the past, or that you might not have it appear in your nose or throat in the near future.

A negative COVID Antigen test means that you did not have detectable COVID-19 virus proteins in your nose or throat at the time you were tested.  This doesn’t mean you didn’t have it in the past, or that you might not have it appear in your nose or throat in the near future.

What does a negative COVID-19 IgG and IgM Antibody Test mean?

This means that you do not have evidence of prior infection, which usually means you have not had the disease recently. If an antibody test is performed early in infection it can be negative, however, before the antibodies have developed to detectable levels.

What does a positive COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test mean?

This means that you have evidence of prior infection, which usually means you have had the disease in the past.  There are some conditions that can cause false positives, however. If IgM is negative at the time of a positive IgG test, it is likely that you are no longer contagious and that you have some degree of immunity.

What does a positive COVID-19 IgM Antibody Test mean?

This means that you have an active infection and may still be contagious. There are some conditions that can cause false positives, however.  If you have a positive IgM, please refer to our medical provider for instructions on what to do next.

Registration is quick and easy. You’ll need to fill in some required fields such as name, email, and phone number). You then upload a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID) and verify your identity via our best-in-class facial recognition technology. You only need to provide your photo ID upon initial registration. Please note that we do NOT keep the image of your photo ID on our servers nor is this information shared with anyone. Your privacy is paramount to us.

Our mobile app is available for free via download from the AppleStore or GooglePlay for iOS and Android. While the app is fully free to use, you will have access to our different options of verification services (made by our team of professionals) via in-app purchase.

ConfirmD™ offers a platform for individuals and families to upload COVID-19 tests (both viral and antibody) and other medical results to be verified by medical providers. Once verified, the app will generate a secure QR code to allow you to share your test results with employers, public venues and stores, and others. By capturing, tracking, and sharing your test results you can leverage your verified test results to make resuming life more simple.

With extensive experience in data assurance and cybersecurity, healthcare technology, intelligence, and national security, the ConfirmD™ team is uniquely positioned to tackle the challenge of creating a robust, reliable, and secure platform to verify COVID-19 test results.
Karl Wagner
Co-Founder - President

An expert in foreign affairs and national security, Karl Wagner has 32 years of worldwide experience delivering success for complex projects and managing risk in emerging markets. He has planned and executed multi-million-dollar budgets and is an expert in (…)

(learn more)

Bob Ramsey
Co-Founder - Chairman

An active business and community leader for over 40 years, Bob Ramsey has founded companies in a variety of fields: ground and air ambulance services, medical supplies, air freight transportation, information technologies, management systems, and avionics. (…)

(learn more)

Ramsey Kilani, M.D.
Co-Founder - Vice President of Business Development and Medical Services

A seasoned physician-executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Ramsey Kilani has been a founder, executive, or board member in a number of healthcare and technology startups. Chief Medical Officer at Washington, DC-based GSIS, he also (…)

(learn more)

Alex Chatel
Co-Founder - Vice President Product and Operations

An entrepreneur, Alex Chatel is a global business development specialist with a cross-disciplinary experience. Former Borderpol Executive, he has also served in leadership and advisory roles for various international (…)

ConfirmD_Kit Bishop
Kit Bishop
Director of Sales

Kit has a 20 year technology sales and implementation background, most notably with Johnson Controls, Dun and Bradstreet and IBM Corporation. He specializes in C-level relationships and leverages a distinct strategic discussion style that (…)

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Dev Patel
Director of Operations - Marketing

A recent graduate of The George Washington University’s Master of Health Administration program, Dev Patel spent the last year in a competitive one-year leadership development program learning health system strategy and operations first-hand from (…)

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Dan Idhenga
Investor Relations Manager

An adaptive and globally-minded entrepreneur at heart, Dan Idhenga has lived in nine countries and founded his first startup as an undergraduate student in 2016. Dan graduated from Baruch College, City University of New York, where he earned a (…)

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ConfirmD_Jessica Trimble
Jessica Trimble
Director of Communication Strategy & Product Manager

Jessica is a PMP certified Project Management Professional with over twenty years of management experience. Jessica is a strong believer in lifelong education and education accessibility. She studied International Relations at Harvard University (…)

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Carla Walby
Healthcare Community Manager

Carla Walby received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from George Mason University. She began her 13-year career as a registered nurse working for Inova Health System on the medical-surgical floor, and has experience with cardiac telemetry and (…)

(learn more)

Ben Dlin
Manager, Marketing

Ben Dlin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a passion for socially impactful projects. Having spent time in the electoral security space, Ben understands the need for clear and focused messaging around major societal issues (…)

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ConfirmD_Tara Bhardvaj
Tara Bhardvaj
Operations & Data Science Manager

Tara is a current graduate student in the Master of Data Science program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Tara previously completed her undergraduate studies at UMBC where she received a degree in both Biology and (…)

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Cynthia Merveille Matinou
Communication & Project Manager

Cynthia is a current undergrad student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is a senior graduating in December 2021, with a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems. Outside of school, she is (…)

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ConfirmD_Ibu Oluyi
Ibukun Oluyi
Digital Marketing Manager

Ibukun is set to graduate from Arizona State University in the Summer of 2021 with a B.S in Political Science. Throughout his undergraduate studies, internships in public service and volunteering has played a large role in Ibukun’s career development. His (…)

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The Medical and Scientific Advisory Board at ConfirmD™ is composed of seasoned professionals with experience and expertise spanning multiple disciplines within the clinical medicine, life sciences, public health, and first responder communities.
Cindy M. P. Duke, MD, PhD, FACOG
OBGYN, Virology & Immunology
ConfirmD_Dr-Erik_McLaughlin MD MPH
Erik McLaughlin, MD, MPH
Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
ConfirmD_James J Augustine, M.D., FACEP
James J Augustine, M.D., FACEP
Emergency Physician and Fire EMS Medical Director
ConfirmD_Dr-Kendall_Conger MD
Kendall Conger, MD
Emergency Medicine & Industry
Lori Strazdas, MPH, T-CHEST
Epidemiology, Environmental Health
Mari Ricker, MD
Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine
Mariana Casal, MD, MPH, MBA
Public Health & Emergency Medicine
Michael A. Sucher, MD, DFASAM
Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine
ConfirmD_Dr-Nas_Rafi MD
Nas Rafi, MD
Emergency Medicine and Medical Ethics
ConfirmD_Dr-Raj_Parikh MD
Raj Parikh, MD
Emergency Medicine and Data Analytics
Susan Cheng, PhD, MPH
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Tyler Southwell, MD
Family Medicine
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