Everything You Need To Know About Employer Vaccine Tracking

Just over two years later, COVID-19 has shown few signs of going away. To stay in business, corporations are searching for ways to safely remain open, protecting both their employees and clients alike. This is especially true for organizations that require in-person interactions.


Luckily, emerging technologies–such as employer vaccine tracking–are making it easier for organizations to remain open and keep employees safe, mitigating the spread of COVID-19. 

Aids in Vaccine Policy Creation

For larger organizations, one of the biggest obstacles is pivoting with the constantly changing regulations, mandates, and recommendations from different government agencies. While OSHA requires certain healthcare organizations to mandate vaccines, other employers are left to devise their own guidelines. This is leading many workplaces to implement policies of mandatory vaccination or regular testing. 


Difficulties arise, however, when human resources departments must keep track of hundreds of medical records. This is where technology comes into play. With the right platform, like ConfirmD, organizations can enable their staff to validate and share their vaccine and testing status so that more informed decisions on back-to-work timelines and strategies can be made with ease. 

Relief for Human Resources

For most workplaces, HR departments are now tasked with ensuring compliance with COVID-19 measures. However, tossing the complexities that come with obtaining and tracking medical records can prove difficult for even the most seasoned professionals. 


Especially for larger workplaces, vaccination tracking tools can be an efficient way to stay on top of these records. These tools allow workers to upload their vaccination and testing records securely, enabling HR teams to closely monitor large amounts of medical data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. 


This way, manually managing the tracking of vaccination status can take a back seat, allowing your teams to focus on implementing and executing COVID-19 strategies and policies.

Vaccine Records Are Confidential Medical Information

While employer vaccine tracking is crucial to keep employees safe, it’s imperative to remember that vaccine records are considered confidential medical information. As such, when searching for a vaccine tracking software, be sure that your chosen platform is HIPAA compliant and secure. Even when done unintentionally, HIPAA violations can come with hefty fines for businesses. 


ConfirmD, for example, allows employees to securely upload their vaccination and testing records. These records, while available to appropriate HR team members, are kept secure and confidential in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Additionally, employees can safely remove their information at any time. 

Organizations Should Consider a Multi-Functional Platform

No employer vaccine tracking program can work without buy-in from your team. Because of this, choose a system that is accessible and streamlined for both your organization and the people it employs.


ConfirmD is the answer. For employees, it provides an intuitive app that allows users to safely store their COVID-19-related medical records and creates a QR code (automatically) that can be used even outside the workplace. When scanned, this QR code will simply direct your employees to their vaccine or testing verification. 


With the Supreme Court striking down universal vaccine mandates for large employers, it seems unlikely that vaccines will be required at the federal level. With that said, the first round of COVID-19 boosters are gaining widespread administration––and additional boosters on the horizon––it’s clear that employers need to develop ways to track both current and future vaccinations and test results to help reduce the spread.


Properly managing COVID-19 and protecting employees requires foresight. In a matter of months, COVID-19 caused entire nations to shut down, drastically reorganizing the way we lived and conducted business. The quicker you can prepare and adapt to these changing conditions, the more successful your organization will be at keeping employees safe.

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