ConfirmD Mobile App Provides Actionable Health Data for Swift Aviation, Making Travel Safer


ConfirmD Mobile App Provides Actionable Health Data for Swift Aviation, Making Travel Safer

PHOENIXJuly 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Health tech start-up BuddyCheque has partnered with Swift Aviation to provide real-time employee health data to inform safer decisions at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. BuddyCheque’s app, ConfirmD, provides decision-makers with up-to-date employee COVID-19 test results helping to ensure safety for associates and customers alike. Swift’s Chief Operations, Kevin Burdette, said of ConfirmD, “We’re happy to have the ConfirmD app as a way to keep our employees and our clients safer as we maintain our critical operations during this unprecedented time.”

Swift Aviation is a leading fixed-base operator (FBO) at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, boasting a fleet of luxury private jets, while also providing aircraft maintenance and fueling. Swift Aviation is a member of the Air Elite® global network of exceptional FBOs delivering “Diamond Level” customer service. The COVID-19 pandemic has had dire consequences for the air travel industry, with only 20% the number of travelers as last year flying this year

Despite the challenges, Swift Aviation is confident in their response and ability to protect their team and customers. Burdette says, “In addition to daily protocols and testing, we view ConfirmD as the third leg of the safety stool. It not only lets the employee have control of their status, but is an important tool to get the business world operating safely.” 

BuddyCheque is led by Arizonans Dr. Ramsey Kilani, MD and Bob Ramsey, as well as Karl Wagner, and Alex Chatel. They recognized the lack of a platform for verified and accessible test results, sharing the same visions for health security and connecting and empowering individuals. The ConfirmD app offers individuals a platform to capture, track, and voluntarily share their provider-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. ConfirmD provides a portable, HIPAA-compliant health data solution to individuals and enterprises. 

ConfirmD users begin by validating their identity using best-in-class verification methodologies. Users then have their COVID-19 tests, whether virus (PCR and antigen) or antibody (kit or blood serology), verified by an authorized medical professional. Results reports are accessible through secure QR Codes, which users can share with employers, public venues and stores, and other third parties. All information is securely stored using leading data protection solutions, exceeding compliance of all related standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put major stresses on individuals and businesses, and the inability to easily access and share healthcare information has decreased resiliency and the capacity to rebound. As leaders are tasked with the challenge of understanding how to safely reopen, ConfirmD provides a data-driven solution that allows individuals and enterprises to make information-based decisions.

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Ben Dlin — Senior Marketing Manager

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