ConfirmD Mobile App Elevates Health Security at EAM Using Verified and Portable COVID-19 Test Results


ConfirmD Mobile App Elevates Health Security at EAM Using Verified and Portable COVID-19 Test Results

PHOENIXJuly 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Executive Aircraft Maintenance has partnered with health tech startup BuddyCheque to increase health security at its PHX Sky Harbor facility by leveraging verified employee health data. EAM’s Director of Operation, Jim Barker, said of the startup’s new health information app, ConfirmD, “A solution like ConfirmD is an essential tool in keeping America flying. Executive Aircraft Maintenance is excited to work with BuddyCheque to help us to keep our team members and, in turn, our customers safer.”

Dr. Ramsey Kilani demonstrates how to use ConfirmD to EAM employees.

BuddyCheque is co-led by Dr. Ramsey Kilani, a physician and healthcare industry veteran who has worked for decades on creating technology solutions to make healthcare data more accessible and shareable for patients and healthcare providers. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shed new light on these issues, he realized it was time to develop a solution that empowers individuals through a portable platform to secure, verify, and display COVID-19 testing results. Joining together with notable Arizonan Bob Ramsey on the effort to develop ConfirmD, Dr. Kilani emphasizes the need for enterprises to leverage the power of concrete, verified health data as a means of informing their response to COVID-19-related shutdowns to keep employees and customers safe.

The ConfirmD app gives individuals a platform to capture, track, and voluntarily share their provider-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. ConfirmD provides a portable, HIPAA-compliant health data solution to individuals and enterprises. 

Users register for the app and validate their identity using best-in-class verification methodologies. Users then have their COVID-19 tests, whether virus (PCR and antigen) or antibody (kit or blood serology), verified by an authorized medical professional. Results are then accessed through secure QR codes, allowing users to share summary reports with employers, public venues and stores, and other third parties. Healthcare information is securely stored using leading data protection solutions, exceeding compliance of all related standards.

Individuals and businesses have been greatly strained during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the inability to easily access and share healthcare information has only amplified the impacts of the virus. As leaders are tasked with the challenge of understanding how to safely reopen, ConfirmD provides a data-driven solution that allows individuals and enterprises to make information-based decisions.

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Ben Dlin — Senior Marketing Manager

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