ConfirmD App Protects Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club Using Verified and Portable COVID-19 Test Results

ConfirmD App - Silverado Golf Club Arizona
ConfirmD Mobile App Protects Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club Using Verified and Portable COVID-19 Test Results

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – July 23, 2020 – Silverado Golf Club has partnered with health tech startup  BuddyCheque to bolster health security at its facility, providing its staff of nearly 50 employees a way to verify and share COVID-19 test results. Silverado’s Director Bill Corn said of the startup’s new health information app ConfirmD, “Since we have more variables to manage in order to continue providing a safe entertainment experience for our guests, ConfirmD is a critical tool in ensuring the health status of our associates. It allows us to put our guests at ease before they step through the door.”

BuddyCheque is led in part by Arizonan Bob Ramsey, an innovator who pioneered the private/public partnership EMS model. Ramsey is a fixture in Arizona, so much so that the Arizona State University Center for Executive Education in Public Affairs is named in his honor. Bob is dedicated to public service, having spent nearly 50 years in improving healthcare access. 

Available soon for download, the ConfirmD app offers individuals a chance to know and share doctor-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. Created to alleviate the strain of inaccessible health information during the COVID-19 pandemic, ConfirmD provides portable, HIPAA-compliant health data. The communication of results is opt-in, as privacy is a priority for ConfirmD.

Users register for the app and validate their identity using best-in-class verification methodologies. Users then have their COVID-19 tests, both PCR/Antigen and antibody, verified by an authorized medical professional. Results can then be accessed through QR Codes, allowing users to share summary reports with employers, public venues and stores, and other third-parties. Healthcare information is securely stored using leading data-protection solutions, exceeding compliance of all related standards.

Individuals and businesses have been greatly strained and the inability to easily access and share healthcare information has only amplified the impacts of the virus. ConfirmD provides decision-makers with verified and actionable data, allowing enterprises and organizations to make more thoughtful decisions around safer workflows for employees and customers.

Find ConfirmD™ online at

Ben Dlin — Senior Marketing Manager

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